Son of a Birch

Full Moon Gardens

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Activated Charcoal with a Strong Outdoorsy, Forest Scent


Our  top selling 'masculine' scented soap. Rich in over 40 amino acids and mineral salts, the bee pollen powder in this soap is also high in vitamin A, C, and D, which help in keeping your skin looking and feeling great. The activated charcoal does a great job pulling dirt and oil out of pores, especially after a hot summer day outside, at work, or at the gym, but is done in a way that won't dry you out. This bar has a creamy rich lather that does a great job of taking care of skin and pores and is gentle enough for daily and facial use.

The scent is a very outdoorsy, wintery scent, with hints of patchouli to balance out the nose, you're going to just love the strong fragrance notes that hit you with this. A lovely soap perfect for those that might not think handmade soap could be in a scent and recipe that they would possibly ever enjoy. This is one of our most popular soaps and every batch sells out just about as fast as we can make it. Try yours today! 


A handmade cold processed soap made with Water, Olive Oil, RSPO-certified sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Castor Oil, Sodium Lactate, Sweet Almond Oil, Bee Pollen Powder, and Activated Charcoal.

Allergen warning: Contains Bee Pollen Powder. May trigger those with bee allergies; complete test swatch on small patch of skin before use, or simply discard the bar, if you have any concerns about how you may react to this soap. Discontinue use of bar with any irritation.