Body Butter

Need a smooth and light whipped butter to get your skin in summer shape? Looking to moisturize away the winter blues? Full Moon Garden's beneficial body butters go on light and creamy and are sure to make you feel refreshed and looking your best.

**High Temperature Warning**
This body butter is a product made of whipped oils and butters. It may melt or lose shape if exposed to high temperatures. If it is expected to warm to 85F+ in your area your body butter may arrive looking differently than pictured above, up to and including arriving as a fully melted liquid. The product will still contain 100% of the same skin loving ingredients and will firm up again once brought in to your home, but it will not regain it's whipped shape/consistency after having melted.
Buyer please be aware of the temperatures and shipping times to your location as liquid/melted/deflated butters will not result in a refund or product exchange due to normal shipping conditions. This product ships from New York state and may have increased shipping times over the summer as I attempt to ship during the best weather window for your product to arrive intact as anticipated. This same warning also applies to this product being left in hot cars, windows, or other places in direct sunlight or high temperature areas. This product is a butter and can melt just like the butter in your fridge can, only much, much, faster.
If this sounds like way too much hassle for you to even think about, have you considered a lotion? They are stable in the summer heat and do ship well all year round!