Full Moon Gardens

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A Smooth, and Silky Blend of One Of Perfuming's Oldest Scents
Net Weight .25 oz

Full Moon Garden's Roll-On Fragrance sticks are compact enough to fit in purses and even pockets if you're lucky enough to have them in that outfit! The sweet almond oil is the perfect carrier oil that allows for quick and full absorption of the barely-there scent. Apply directly to the wrist or behind the ears to give yourself a boost whenever the desire strikes!

Fragrance notes:  A smooth, silky, velvety, and powdery gentle mix of amber and florals. Touches of musk for a hint of sensuality. This gentle and light Sandalwood blend is a great fragrance for those looking for a subtle and sophisticated scent. This Sandalwood Roll-On Fragrance stick is not the strongest of smells, but you're going to love the way this feathery soft scent makes you feel. 

A handcrafted roll-on fragrance containing Sweet Almond Oil and Fragrance.