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Hey there everybody, thanks for taking time out of your busy day to stop by my store and to check out my products. I know you have a choice, lots of them actually, in where you shop for everything in your life, and I want you to know I appreciate you considering Full Moon Gardens as an option for quality, small batch, handcrafted artisan soaps and bath products.

I'm Anikaa, and I've been a crafter and creator all my life, and Full Moon Gardens is my brand. It represents all the things I value, such as fun and whimsical designs on products that make you smile with every use, quality ingredients you can feel comfortable using on yourself or gifting to a loved one, and knowing that you've received a great value for your hard earned money with every purchase you make. I have made soap and other related bath products for years for my own personal use and gifting to those close to me, and want to share my love and expertise of the process with you and your family now as well too. That's why every single product you will find on my site are also all recipes that I have used on myself and my own family and you can trust will work great for you and yours too. Many of these recipes I have even formulated myself with my own specialized knowledge of what goes into creating high quality, desirable products that will make you happy. 

I use only the highest quality and freshest ingredients that come from the best suppliers to be sure I'm crafting a top notch product to share with you. I use local vendors when able to, and ethically source all of my ingredients in ways to be sure to avoid harming animal habitats, avoid all use of child labor, and don't contribute to further deforestation of our planet either. Ensuring you receive a product made with ingredients from reputable suppliers matters to me, so you can rest assured when you purchase anything from Full Moon Gardens, from our soaps, to our healing balms, our scents and beyond, you are getting an item handcrafted with love and made in a way that aligns with your values as well. 

So please, take a look around, review the ingredient lists for each and every one of our products, and know that every purchase directly supports a woman owned small business located right here in the Western New York area. No matter if you found our shop online or saw us in a local market or craft show, I sure do appreciate your continued support of helping me do what I love in bringing you some of the best and most unique hand made soaps, bath, and beauty products around. I strive to use simple ingredients and make simple, quality products accessible to all. With an eye facing forward to new beauty trends, paying extra special attention to detail and quality, I thank you for allowing me to do what I love so I can continue to create things for you, your friends, your family, and all those that you love. 


With love,




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