Tips to Make the Most of Your New Soap!

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So you've just ordered your first bar of handcrafted soap, and aren't sure how to get the most of this amazing looking and smelling new bar that's on the way to you. Well, you are in the right spot! Especially if this is your first time making such a purchase, it may seem that you've spent more money on a single bar of soap than you ever have before, and you want to make sure you feel good about getting the feel value out of your bar. 

Below are a few quick and simple tips that should help you maximize your bar's lifespan and your enjoyment out of it:

  • Use a well draining soap dish
    • This sounds simple, but it's the #1 step you can take to ensure the longevity of your bar. Full Moon Garden's soap bars have all been fully cured, with most bars needed 4-6 weeks on the curing rack and some bars needing 6-12 months before they are ready for you to use! This process has already been completed for you before your purchase and each bar arrives ready for you to use immediately. Keeping  your new bar of soap in a dish with holes in the bottom that allows your bar to get completely dry between each use will keep it fresh and long lasting for you.
  • Let your soap dry out fully after each use
    • Keeping your soap dry after use is crucially important to it being a long lasting bar for you. Using that well draining soap dish is a huge first step down that path, but you can also be mindful to not let it sit where water from a sink/shower will splash on it constantly, you can also ensure each person in the household has their own bar of soap so it can better dry between each use, or use a wire rack in the shower to allow your bar to air dry on all sides at once. The more your soap can air dry between uses the longer it will last you.
  • Use smaller pieces at once
    • If you cut your bar into smaller pieces this will allow the 'extra' pieces to remain dry even longer, thus ensuring your purchase stretches even longer. All Full Moon Garden soaps are good for 8-14 months after purchase, depending on the individual soap. You can cut your bar into halves or even thirds to maximize the usage you'll get out of it with no harm to the bar at all! Please reach out directly if you questions questions on the longevity of a particular batch of soap you have received. Our bars can be quite hard though, so make sure not to cut yourself trying to get them into smaller pieces. You can also request bars sliced into halves or thirds at time of check with a note on your order and FMG can take care of this safely for you before shipping. 
  • Use a washcloth with your soap
    • Rubbing your soap on a wash cloth can actually help your bar produce an even thicker lather than using it directly on your skin!  More suds will allow the soap used to go further in getting you clean while reducing the amount of soap used per shower. A loofah would also work in a similar fashion. 
  • Use a soap saver bag
    • When you start to get down to the ends of a bar that are hard to grip with your hands, simply add those ends to your soap saver pouch. This bag will allow your soaps to be fully utilized until 100% gone by creating a nice lathering pouch for all the extra bits and bobs you've got laying around.  


Yes, some of these tips may sounds simple and basic, but that's the entire point! We want to make it easy for you to feel like you are getting the best value and enjoyment out of your purchase. A little preventative work by having a properly draining soap dish and using a wash cloth can go a long way in making your soap last!


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