Fragrance Free Bath Salt Tubes

Full Moon Gardens

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Soak, Relax, and Unwind


Relax and soothe sore muscles with these amazing Epsom salt bath soaks each with a unique blend of Dead Sea salts. Pink Himalayan Salts, Mediterranean Sea Salts, or Black Hawaiian Sea Salts. Our fragrance free bath salt tubes are the perfect accompaniment to your relaxing soak. 

Each tube has a slightly different blend of unique salts, to help give you options in your bath time experience. The Dead Sea salts are great for soothing away the itch of psoriasis while a mineral bath in the pink Himalayan salts will have you soaking in over 80 different minerals to soothe and relax your skin. Let the Epsom salt bath help with relaxation and soothing of muscles, and detox with activated charcoal on your black Hawaiian-style sea salts. You get to choose your unique bathing experience, perfectly dialed in to fit your skin's unique needs.

Try one of our relaxing mineral soaks today, and see how much of a difference a relaxing bath can make for both body and mind. 



These handmade bath soaks may contain any/all/none of these ingredients, based on which one you order; some may even have a slight fizz to them! Please reach out if you have specific ingredient questions/requests; most can be readily accommodated. Ingredients: Magnesium Sulfate USP (Epsom Salts), Maris Sal (Dead Sea, Pink Himalayan, Mediterranean Sea, Black Hawaiian), Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, and/or Zea Mays.


The fine salt tubes are a smoother bathing experience. The chunky salt tubes are more decorative while sitting on your shelf; the larger salt pieces take significantly longer to dissolve in your bath water.