Cinnamon Delight Wax Melt Tartlet

Full Moon Gardens

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A Room-Filling Aromatherapy Experience
Net Weight 3 oz

A lovely, clean burning blend of soy and paraffin waxes combine to release an amazing scent for you that will fill your room and last for hours. 

The soy wax helps the wax melt last longer while the added paraffin helps the fragrance last longer and release more fully. 


Fragrance Notes: A strong cinnamon scent takes the lead on this wax melt. Also includes nutmeg and clove notes with back hints of vanilla and maple. If you love heavy warm cinnamon scents this tartlet is for you! A lovely blend of fall and holiday baking spices combine here for the perfect wax melt aroma.


The 'Clamshell' size option contains 6 cubes of 1 scent for 3 oz total.


To Use: Add 1 cube or 1 gingerbread person to your wax melter for an aromatherapy experience at home. Fragrance lasts 5-9 hours based on the individual scent chosen, your room size, and type of melter used. This particular scent is stronger, more intense, and lasts longer, than the average wax melt.